3 Tips on Dating with Autism

Dating with autism can seem like a huge obstacle. Relationships are full of subtleties,Β and they present their own can of worms when it comes to communication issues.

You may think that dating while autistic is impossible and that you’ll never find that special someone.

However, that’s not true! Autism is something that makes you, and while it should be taken into account while jumping into the dating world, it doesn’t have to be a hindrance.

Talk Talents

Dating while neurotypical presents its own set of anxieties. Dating with autism can feel like a whole different ball game.

Everyone likes to discuss things that make them feel confident during a date. This gives you things to talk about, for starters, and it makes you feel good. This makes you bolder while you’re out with a significant other.

You don’t have to be committed to a person to start talking about your strengths! Adults on the autism spectrum are often wildly intelligent and have finely-honed talents and skills.

There’s a little place in dating solely reserved to showing off, so don’t be afraid to use these to boost yourself up in the dating game!


There’s a lot to be said for communication, even in neurotypical relationships.

It may seem like romance is all about spontaneity. Doing things spur of the moment and feeling your heart flutter all of a sudden are common characteristics in love stories.

However, your life isn’t a love story. This isn’t the movies. Don’t be afraid to lay out what it is you expect from a partner.

This includes communicating about your disorder. While autism doesn’t limit you, it does mean that your brain works in ways your partner may not expect.

It doesn’t have to be a “clearance” conversation, but laying all your cards out regarding what you need and expect from a partner can go a long way toward preventing any unpleasant encounters in the long run.

Expect Rejection

I know: this one doesn’t sound good.

The fact of the matter is that the dating world is full of rejection. Even neurotypical people experience it. Ever heard someone complaining that they can’t get a date? It’s a fact of life.

Dating with autism may give you the impression that you’re at a disadvantage when it comes to dating. You may think several rejections mean you’re not good enough, and that there’s not someone out there who you’re compatible with.

First and foremost, that’s not true. The dating world is harsh, and it’s fickle, and it can be difficult to keep up.

What’s worse is that nobody has a roadmap to success. Nobody can give you a list, tell you to do all of those things, and you’ll succeed at scoring the person of your dreams.

It’s important to expect rejection when delving into dating. Still, it’s even more important to figure out how to manage it.

You’re almost guaranteed to experience it, but going in with that mindset can lessen any blows.

Dating with Autism: The Final Word

While the neurotypical and autistic dating experiences vary in leaps and bounds, you have to find the right balance as you jump into the dating pool.

You may feel like you’re missing out on typical romance things: the excitement and the spur of the moment moods. However, romance and relationships are different depending on the people in them.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect relationship for you!


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