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Living with a disability provides challenges that the average person would not fully understand. While disabilities may be physical, mental, visible, or invisible, they change how you might view yourself. You may be self-conscious about how other people view you. You may feel inhibited in public to be yourself for fear of being judged entirely. You […]

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ADHD Tips for Adults

As an adult struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, you know that it isn’t just a childhood disorder. In fact, four percent of adults over the age of eighteen are dealing with ADHD daily. If you’re one of them, you might be at your wit’s end trying to get things done. You may have noticed that the […]

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Dealing with Social Anxiety

Are you struggling with social anxiety? Social anxiety disorder is a very common issue. 15 million Americans experience anxiety and distress when put into social situations. There isn’t a magic cure, and living with social anxiety isn’t a walk in the park, but some effective tips and strategies can make it easier to deal with. […]

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Online Dating Tips

Did you know that you can have success with online dating, no matter who you are? Online dating is one of the most popular ways to date because it allows people to find anyone. People that go to online dating sites and apps are looking to date, so you’ll know that you’re talking to people […]

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Dating with PTSD

Do you have a loved one suffering from PTSD? Dating with PTSD can be overwhelming to think about. PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, can develop after trauma. This may result from military time, rape, or childhood events. It affects parts in the brain that trigger strong actions. This includes parts like the amygdala and prefrontal […]

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dating someone with social anxiety

Dating can be difficult for anyone, but it’s especially challenging for those who suffer from social anxiety and other anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness in the U.S., affecting around 20% of the population every year. Anxiety makes nearly every aspect of life more difficult, but it’s especially hindering for […]

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dating someone with borderline personality disorder

Love is a battlefield of intense, powerful emotions that can be hard to control. For anyone with a borderline personality disorder, that emotional intensity is magnified. So how do you successfully navigate a relationship of this type? The truth is that it is tricky, but by no means impossible, and can be just as functional […]

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Dating with Social Anxiety

Do you want to date someone who has social anxiety? Being with someone who suffers from this issue can be challenging. If you’re thinking about pursuing this relationship, you need to know how to minimize the tension that might develop. Here’s how to overcome the hurdles of dating someone dealing with an anxiety disorder. 1. […]

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