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At Special Bridge, you’ll discover an entire social community just for people with disabilities. And as your place to find love and friendship, we also want to make sure you have a safe environment to do so. With a few basic tips, you’ll be able to enjoy connecting with friends and finding love. To stay secure online and offline, use these tips geared toward online safety for people with disabilities.

Do's in Special Bridge

Safeguard Your Login Information

You’ll want to protect your Special Bridge account from any malicious use. If you use a public or shared computer, be sure your password isn’t saved in the browser, and your account isn’t set to auto-sign in. Additionally, only share your account information with a trusted family member who you’re comfortable with and who helps you in your daily life.

Share Your Story and Get to Know Other People

While we value online safety for people with disabilities, we also want Special Bridge to be a safe environment for you to share your story. At the same time, we also want you to meet find love and friendship. With that in mind, we encourage you to get to know other members, connect, and get to know each other!

When Meeting Offline – Meet in a Public Space with Another Friend

If and when you decide to meet another member of the site offline, do so in a way that protects your safety. Meeting someone new can be very exciting, but you want to follow a few tips:

  • Meeting in public with a trusted friend you already know is the biggest tip.
  • You also want to inform your family where you’re going and what your plans are.
  • Don’t consume alcohol, so that your judgement is clear.
  • Avoid getting a ride from the person you’re meeting.

Don'ts in Special Bridge

DO NOT Give Out Your Financial Details

When you’re interacting online, you don’t want to share sensitive personal or financial info. Doing so can compromise your safety and lead to fraud. Make sure not to give out your bank accounts information or credit card numbers when communicating with someone online.

DO NOT Post Your Personal Contact Information

Special Bridge is the #1 social community for people with disabilities, and online safety for people with disabilities is a top priority for us. While our mission is to help you meet new friends and find love, a few best practices should be kept in mind when it comes to your personal information. It’s often best to avoid sharing personal information online until you have developed a long-standing sense of trust with someone else. Protect information such as:

  • Your personal phone number
  • Your email address
  • The address to your home
  • Your place of employment

DO NOT Continue to Talk to Someone Who Pressures You

When interacting online, you want to be cautious. If you ever feel unsafe or someone threatens you, stop interacting with them and contact our support team immediately at You also want to stop communicating with anyone who pressures you for information or asks you for money. This way, you can ensure your interactions are positive and safe.

If you have any questions about staying safe online, please feel free to reach out to us at

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