8 Unique Date Ideas for People with Disabilities

unique date ideas with disabilities

Did you know that 61 million adults in the United States live with a disability? And this only includes mobility, cognition, self-care, hearing, and vision. It doesn’t include the millions of people who suffer from crippling mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

With those numbers, if you’re in a room with three people or more, you’re likely to be around someone with a disability. You, yourself, may even have a disability.

But what does that mean for dating? It just means that you may have to tweak a few things for unique date ideas! Here is a list of some fun dates for those with disabilities and dating.

1. Enjoy the Night at a Concert

Getting out to enjoy music at a fun venue in your town is a great way to spend time with your loved one. If you look around online, you’ll be able to find different artists that you and your partner may love who are going to be in town in the future.

You can book tickets and look forward to it in advance!

Enjoying a concert is perfect since most concert venues or outdoor arenas are handicap accessible. Listening to music is also extremely beneficial for everyone’s mental health.

2. Cozy Up With a Movie Marathon

Sometimes all we want is a night in with our pajamas on and a glass of wine in hand. And who’s to say you can’t do that with your partner for a fun date idea?

Before you start, make sure you have looked up the movies to make sure you can stream. You don’t want to be ready to start your date only to realize the movies aren’t on streaming services!

3. Cheer On Your Favorite Team at a Sporting Event

One of the most unique dates that you can go on is attending a sporting event with your partner. Whether you choose hockey, football, baseball, basketball, or another sport, attending the game will bring out both of your competitive sides.

You can challenge each others’ teams and create a fun competition or root for the same one, enjoying the camaraderie that you both create.

Depending on your or your partner’s disability, you could call ahead to the venue to see what accommodations they have so you are aware before you go.

4. Go On a Picnic at Your Local Park

There’s something about packing up a picnic basket, gathering your cutest blanket, and throwing a bottle of wine in your bag. You can pack crackers, cut up some cheese, and put some grapes in a bag, and you have yourself the best snacks for your picnic, too.

Make sure to scope out the areas first to see what would be easiest to get to with your partner. And don’t forget to check the weather!

5. Spend Time at the Casino

Texas Hold’Em, anyone?

If you’re looking to switch up how you spend date night, consider going to a casino nearby. You can spend your time at the slot machines or try out a table game like Black Jack or Roulette.

Just remember to set some money aside before you go so that you can have fun gambling a little. And who knows…you may end up going home with double or even triple the money you went with.

6. Take Time for a Staycation

Have you ever considered going on a vacation in your own city? If not, you should! It’s one of the most fun dates we can think of!

Not only do you and your partner get to spend time with each other, but you’re also enjoying a night in a hotel to make it seem like you’re truly on vacation. You can order room service and spend the night in or go out to a new restaurant you’ve never tried before!

Consider putting together a list of things you and your partner can do together around town with the disability.

7. Sip Around on a Winery or Brewery Tour

If you live in an area with local wineries or breweries, going on a self-made tour can be a great date idea. All you have to do is show up and order! If you’re not sure what to get, tasting flights are always fun – so be sure to ask if they have those when you arrive!

Before you go, make sure to call and check what their accessibility looks like if you have never been or if you or the person you are dating has a mobile disability.

8. Go to a Local Festival

So many cities and towns have an event calendar to tell you what local concerts, festivals, and street fairs are coming to town.

Whether there’s a Friday night band on your Main Street or a food festival that lasts all weekend, you probably can’t go wrong! Most of these events are made to be accessible to most people with disabilities. You can also call ahead if you have specific questions.

If you decide to go to a local festival, plan to bring cash since a lot of vendors don’t take credit cards.

Try Out One of These Unique Date Ideas

If you’re ready to try out one of these unique date ideas, there’s no reason to wait! Each one of these fun dates is a blast, and you truly can’t go wrong with any of them!

Ready to get out there and join a dating community? Contact us at Special Bridge and we’ll help you get started!


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