A Married Woman with Down Syndrome Shares Her Story

For many, down syndrome seems like one of those insurmountable disabilities that can make dating, relationships, and even marriage impossible. For some however, down syndrome is nothing more than a diagnosis from the doctor that is there to be challenged. Kate Owens is one such woman who despite the odds, has overcome her down syndrome to live a full and loving life.

How They Met

Kate met her husband at a local disco when he, as any other man interested in a woman would do, bought her a drink and they spent the rest of the evening dancing. There was no awkward explanations, no pause because of her disability, and certainly no worries when it came to this blossoming romance. Just like any other girl would do, Kate went home to tell her mother about this knight in shining armor that she met.

They shared their first kiss at a lunch date and their love only grew. Though down syndrome does has some disadvantages and does tend to make things like dating more difficult than they would be for someone without the disability, a diagnosis of down syndrome does not mean that love is not possible and that love is not something that is essential.

down syndrome woman married

Down Syndrome Should Not Keep You Down

Kate above all wants those that have down syndrome to know that it does not mean that they are not worthy of love, that it does not mean that there is not someone out there that is perfect for them. Down syndrome should never stop you from following your dreams and finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

For many families that deal with down syndrome on a daily basis, it is as difficult for parents and siblings to accept that love is possible. As with any disability, it is second nature for mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters to want to protect those that have a disability, though this may seem like the best thing to do, often it can hamper any chance that they have at finding love on their own.

Down Syndrome is the Be All End All

Though down syndrome is something that is always going to be an issue, those that have the disability should not believe that they are not capable of doing things for themselves and of finding love. Just as those individuals that do not have the disorder have to search for the perfect partner, there is always someone that you are meant to be with.

Those that have down syndrome can benefit greatly from being given a certain amount of freedom when it comes to meeting new people, dating, going places, and even getting jobs if they desire. Though down syndrome in the earlier days was often a sentence to live at home until parents passed away and the child was then sent to an institution, that is certainly no longer the case.

Those with down syndrome are now doing more amazing things than ever before. Luke Zimmerman for instance is a famous actor that appeared on the hit television series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, similarly, Lauren Potter was on the wildly popular Glee. Jamie Brewer is one of the most famous actresses with down syndrome that has ever graced the screen. She stars in multiple seasons of the FX series, American Horror Story and also does modeling on the side. Angela Bachiller is a councilwoman in her native Spain and Michael Johnson is a famous painter.

Down syndrome does not define the person that has it. You can find love, you can find happiness, and you can be the person you always wanted to be despite your disability and despite your diagnosis. Parker wants everyone that has down syndrome to go out and chase your dreams, no matter what everyone else says.

This story originally appeared here on the Parker Myles blog.


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