More Than Nerves: 7 Must-Have Tips on Getting a Job with Social Anxiety


You just walked out of a job interview that you’re feeling pretty confident about. You’ve failed your past few interviews but you think this is the one. A few days later your hopes are crushed when the interviewer calls you back to tell you that you didn’t get the job.

You begin to play back the interview in your head to find the moments where you went wrong. You were nervous so you suppose that the interviewer saw through you there. You also came out and told them that you have social anxiety.

Probably not the best idea. There are ways of getting a job with social anxiety without fessing it up to the interviewer. To help you ace your next interview, check out these tips.

1. Practice

One of the fastest ways to trigger your anxiety during an interview is to wing all your answers. To stop yourself from doing this, the day before the interview write down a series of basic questions that you expect to be asked. After you’ve written them down, answer them.

When you’re writing down your answers make sure they sound like something you would say in an everyday conversation. If you don’t then they may come across as a little robotic when you’re answering them in the actual interview.

2. Visualize Your Success

Find a place where you can get a little peace and quiet. Once you do, close your eyes and visualize yourself succeeding in the interview. If you want to go even further than that, imagine yourself actually sitting in the job seat.

This method actually tricks your mind into functioning the way you want during the interview. It works for many athletes out there and it can work for you as well.

3. Own Your Mistakes

It’s going to be quite possible that you’ll make a blunder or two during the interview. this doesn’t mean that you failed it. Torturing yourself if you make a mistake will cause a domino effect leading you to make even more.

Remember that everyone gets nervous during an interview. The interviewer sort of expects it. So, take a deep breath, apologize, and straight out tell them that you’re a little nervous.

4. Do Your Research

One question that you’re always going to get during an interview is “why would you like to work for us?” If you’ve researched the company a little the day before, you already know your answer. If you didn’t then you may find yourself scrambling a little for a response.

On top of asking why you want to work for them, the interviewer will probably quiz you on stuff that directly relates to the job that you put in for. You won’t know how to respond if you didn’t so much as visit the company’s website.

Doing your research goes hand in hand with writing down the answers to common questions. It’s all necessary prep work to stop you from freezing up.

5. Reduce Stressors

The interview itself isn’t the only stress that you’ll experience the day of. You may be afraid of being late because you have no idea where the office is. Does your clothing look okay or is that a wrinkle?

If you’re doing a video interview what if your internet decides to flake out? What if you got the time mixed up? To avoid bringing any extra stress into the boss’s office when you step in, take some precautionary measures.

The night before the interview take the time to pick out your outfit rather than rush to put something on the day of. It’s more likely that you’ll be wearing something you know looks good on you and you won’t have to spend a lot of time with your head in the closet hours beforehand. Before you set out of your driveway look up the building location on Google/Apple Maps even if you know where it is.

Try and get to the building around thirty minutes early so you can find out what room the interview will be in and so you can practice a little more in your head.

6. Breathe

Many people are under the misconception that they have to answer interview questions as fast as possible. This will add to your nerves and sure enough, at least one question will trip you up. It’s okay to take a deep breath.

It sounds cliché but it does work. Taking a moment to breath will help you reset yourself and think of an answer. While you may be afraid of what the interviewer will think of this, it’s unlikely that they will even notice, to be honest.

7. Interviewing the Interviewer

One way to feel less self-conscious during an interview is to remember you’re also doing a bit of interviewing. While you’re sitting in that seat you’re evaluating every move the big boss makes to decide if you want to work for them.

Feel free to ask questions to find out if this job would line up with your job goals. Doing this will help you feel like you have at least a little power over the situation.

Handling the Struggle of Getting a Job with Social Anxiety

Getting a job with social anxiety can be a struggle but it’s not as impossible as you think it is. As long as you follow the steps here and take plenty of time to prep the day before, you’ll get that “you’re hired” phone call that you’ve been waiting for.

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  2. Amanda Werner

    March 24, 2020 at 1:26 pm

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