10 Fun Date Ideas for a Memorable Time

fun date ideas

Whether you’ve started dating or are in a committed relationship, coming up with fun date ideas can be difficult. 40% of Americans use online dating and therefore might not have really gotten to know someone yet while planning events.

The best thing to do is pick something that you know will be fun and give you something to do and talk about!

Regardless of what stage of your relationship you’re in, these date ideas will all be winners.

1. Go Camping

When it comes to where to go, camping might require a few dates first. No one wants to camp with someone they’ve just met for safety reasons!

However, if you’re comfortable with someone or in a group, camping can be a great date.

Roast some marshmallows over the fire, take some board games, and have a good time under the stars.

If camping out in the open isn’t feasible for you, set up a tent in your backyard. You’ll be surprised at how fun that can be.

2. Have a Game Night

Speaking of board games, having an entire game night can be a fun idea. They’ll give you something to focus on and talk about, so it might take some of the awkwardness out of an early date.

Enjoy yourselves with some classic board games, or put a modern twist on the game night and link up some consoles.

Consoles might be better for a two-person game night, since there are many couch co-op games you can play.

3. New Food Night

If you want to mix things up, it’s time to try something that’s new for both of you.

Pick a new restaurant you’ve never been to — or, even better, a cuisine neither of you has ever had. Trying something new together will be a great bonding experience and something you’ll always remember.

Just remember to check the menu ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions, as otherwise, it might not turn out as planned!

4. Take a Class

Taking a class can be another great bonding experience. Cooking classes are a great example, where you can learn what to do together and have a new skill to take you further in life.

There are also virtual classes you can take online if you don’t want to attend an in-person event with someone.

Classes can be a one-off experience and don’t have to be expensive.

5. Go to an Amusement Park

Amusement parks are great for people who love thrills and adrenaline.

Going to one is also a great call for an early date. Focusing on the rides, the games, and the food, means you don’t have to worry about those awkward lulls in conversation that require you to find something to talk about.

If you’re not a rollercoaster person, you can still enjoy the arcade games and atmosphere to be found at an amusement park. Just make sure your date isn’t a thrill-seeker either, or you might be standing around alone while they ride the rollercoasters.

6. Find a Good View

Especially if you’ve been with someone for a while, finding a good view overlooking the city or some scenery and parking up can be a really good idea.

Take some food and create a picnic in the car. Some of the best conversations will spawn from this, so if you’re someone who loves to get deep, there’s no better date night location.

7. Stargaze

Speaking of great views, finding a spot away from light pollution and stargazing can be another awesome activity.

Work out what constellations you can see, or speculate what shapes you can make with the stars!

8. Go to a Comedy Show

Comedy shows are often available in bars and restaurants, and it’s worth checking out if there are any in your area. The laughs truly take the awkwardness out of an early date and give you something to focus on, but still able to talk.

Seeing a movie means you can’t talk for two hours, which might be too much, but a comedy show provides the perfect balance.

You’ll also get a great idea of who they are as a person by discovering what they find funny and what they don’t. A similar sense of humor — or at least understanding of each other’s — is essential in dating!

This is also a very accessible date.

9. Hike

If you don’t mind getting a bit sweaty on a date, a hike might be for you. For active people, it’s an ideal date, as you can keep fit while motivating each other and you’ll also get a chance to talk.

Look up hiking trails near you, and make sure you stick to a safe and populated one if it’s an early date.

10. Cook For Each Other

When couples think about what to do on date night, they often think of going out for dinner. Restaurants are brimming with couples and people in the early stages of dating.

What’s more romantic than cooking for each other though? Get a sense of what your date likes and surprise them with a home-cooked meal.

You could even preplan and cook something together.

These Fun Date Ideas Will All Be Winners

These fun date ideas could all be great. It really depends on the type of person you are, who your date is, and how long you’ve been together.

Trying new food might be a better idea for an early date than camping — but through the stages of your relationship, you can try out all of these!

For more dating tips, particularly for those with disabilities, check out the rest of our blog.


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