7 Creative First Date Ideas for Wheelchair Users

first date ideas

One in ten people meets their forever person on a dating site. Take a casual survey among your friends and you’d be surprised at how many have used online dating before.

It’s the 21st century and no longer is it considered taboo. A multitude of dating apps has taken the internet world by storm and made it that much easier to find someone you’re attracted to with common interests.

Dating with a wheelchair can have its obstacles, of course, but at its core, it really is not too different from dating among those without disabilities. You just have to be extra careful to pick the perfect venue to spoil your new sweetie.

When you begin talking to someone, nerves can make it a bit tricky to try to come up with a creative and successful date. No sweat friend, we’ve got you covered.

These seven wheelchair-friendly first date ideas will get you where you want to be: the second date!

1. Live Music

Is there anything cooler than checking out an up-and-coming band at a local dive bar?

Affordable, hip, and often handicap accessible, this is one of the best creative first dates you can do.

Live music is a great thing to bond over. A great show can be reminisced upon when you’re asking for that second date. A comically bad show can be just as stimulating for conversation.

Attending a small show together is a good way to get to know each other while being entertained. No awkward silences when the bass is booming!

2. The Creme de la Creme of First Date Ideas

I scream, you scream, we all scream for love at first sight!

Is this a safe first date idea? Sure. Is it still a great idea? Yep.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 scoops! Take your date out to your favorite local ice cream spot. Get cones or share a banana split for an extra sweet first date treat.

Before you promise your date the pure beauty that is ice cream, make sure that the parlor of choice is handicap accessible. Extra bonus points if there is cute scenery or a nature spot close by.

3. Find The Muse in Museums

Looking for your smarty pants soulmate? Nerd out together at a museum.

Museums provide an ultimate setting for a first date. They supply the ideal amount of quiet pondering paired with potential discussion.

Find a place that highlights your common interests, or discover something totally new together.

Your mind may automatically jump to the big museums in the nearest city. These are great options but if you don’t want to get to or across the city on a first date, you could search for local museums. You never know what pearls you’ll uncover in your town’s historical museum.

4. Live, Laugh, Love

You know the saying. Dates that laugh together… have a second date?

Show off your brand of humor with a comedy show that will say to your date, “Hey, I’m funny.”

This should be a super wheelchair-friendly first date option. Entertainment venues almost always have ramps and other accommodations. If you’re concerned that the accommodations may not be up to par, give the venue a call; nothing like being too prepared!

Here’s the thing, before committing to this one you should do a bit of investigating. What is this comedian like? Do you think your date’s humor would align?

There are a good amount of comedians that are a bit risque. If you plan to bring your date to a more controversial comedy show, make sure they’re up for it. This is a bit easier to gauge if you’ve had ample conversation before meeting up (yay online dating!).

5. Dinner and a Movie

Ah, the first date classic; dinner and a movie. We’ve been waiting for you.

You can do this one of two ways, and both have the potential to be a wonderful wheelchair-friendly first date! An upgraded Netflix and chill, if you will.

Do you fancy yourself a chef? Show off your skills with a homemade meal for your new beau. Just be extra careful to stay safe when meeting someone for the first time.

Complete the night with a movie, but choose carefully as it’ll be capping off the first impression. If you’re unsure of what movie to expose your soul with, talk to your date about discovering a new movie together!

Cooking not in your tool belt? That’s cool. Bring the classic date back to its first home, a restaurant.

If you live in a place that is inaccessible to those in wheelchairs, your date choice is made for you. That’s okay, a homemade meal can be nice, but if you go out you don’t have to do the dishes. Score!

Once you’ve dined like royalty, head to the movies. Almost all theaters have handicap seating available!

6. Embrace Your Inner Artist

An art exhibit, gallery, or pop-up is along the same lines as the museum date idea. Art is a built-in conversation starter.

This is one of those date ideas that takes a bit of scoping out. You’ll want to see if this is something that would interest your date. Galleries can be in odd holes in the wall or inside big fancy buildings so make sure to ensure that the area is accessible!

Often at gallery openings, there are drinks, food, music, and other entertainment. If you want an evening that checks all of the boxes, drinking wine while snacking on crackers and viewing art is it.

7. Trivial Pursuits

Want to show off your vast knowledge of random, mostly useless information? Well, trivia may be the perfect first date for you!

Trivia nights are common events at bars and restaurants which is how we come to another first date trifecta: food, drinks, and conversation starters! Most of these types of establishments have to have accessible seating and entrances, securing its spot as a suitable date for your cruising crush.

Whether you win or lose, you’ll come out of the date on top. This is an ideal date for the more shy folks out there that get nervous when meeting someone. The steady stream of incoming questions will guide you.

Looking For Mr. or Mrs. Right?

These first date ideas can get you off to a good start, but the fate of the relationship is in your hands. Don’t worry, you’ve got this! We have your back.

Solid relationships are often built on the foundation of common interests and lifestyles. That ideal is taken to the core at Special Bridge, a wonderful community for those with disabilities to find meaningful friendships and relationships.

Are you ready to put yourself out there? Click to join our community today!


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