7 Tips for Dating Someone with Social Anxiety

Dating with Social Anxiety

Do you want to date someone who has social anxiety? Being with someone who suffers from this issue can be challenging.

If you’re thinking about pursuing this relationship, you need to know how to minimize the tension that might develop. Here’s how to overcome the hurdles of dating someone dealing with an anxiety disorder.

1. Educate Yourself About Social Anxiety

Do you have an understanding of social phobia? If this is your first time dating someone with anxiety issues, you need to learn about different types of anxiety disorders.

You should also know how to identify the symptoms. These may consist of emotional symptoms such as intense fear or anxiety, worrying about being embarrassed, and fear to talk to strangers.

Your partner can also show signs of physical symptoms that may include trembling, sweating, upset stomach, nausea, and muscle tension.

The more information you learn about your partner’s issue, the easier it is for you to offer support and to find ways to relieve their suffering. This is an important step to strengthen your bond and to progress your relationship.

2. Be Considerate to Your Partner’s Issue

You should be considerate once you learn about your partner’s issue. If they’re reluctant to meet with your friends or family members, you should always be sympathetic to your partner.

Try not to get upset or start an argument whenever your partner rejects your invitation to a social gathering. This could make the situation worse and create more friction for your relationship.

You need to be flexible with your partner’s issue and make them feel comfortable. Tell them you understand what they’re going through and ask them what they want to do.

It is also helpful for you to come up with fun activities that you can do together. Putting less pressure on your partner to socialize makes it easier for them to avoid triggers and for you to get along.

3. Talk to a Therapist

Is your partner open to seeing a professional therapist? Encourage your partner to see a mental health professional. You should do this in a way that’s not too demanding or forceful.

Try to be gentle and supportive when you tell them about seeing a therapist. Reaching out to a therapist could be the best option to alleviate your partner’s symptoms.

Express concerns you have for your partner and try to ease their fears. You can also go with them to the therapist to make their therapy sessions easier to manage.

You need to be optimistic about the situation. Tell your partner not to worry about seeking treatment and that they will get better.Β  This is an effective way for your partner to trust you and to be more open with the idea of seeing a therapist.

4. Don’t Allow Your Partner’s Issue to Dominate Your Relationship

Your partner might want to stay home more often than you anticipate. While it’s important for you to put your partner’s needs first, you should still maintain your social life.

Try to find time to socialize with your friends. You can hang out with them after work or on the weekends.

You don’t have to sacrifice your friendships with other people because you’re dating someone with an anxiety disorder. It is necessary to keep the close friendships you have with people you love and care about.

Your interaction with other people prevents you from feeling depressed and isolated.

5. Learn How to Manage the Anxiety Disorder

Help your partner to develop strategies to cope with their anxiety. The coping techniques you use can alleviate your partner’s high anxiety levels and panic attacks.

These management strategies can help to prevent triggers.

Working out is an effective strategy to manage a mental health disorder. Encourage your partner to engage in exercise routines to calm the mind, cut stress, and to relax the muscles. Develop 20-30 minute workout sessions that you can do together as a couple.

You also need to be conscious of their diet. Your partner might need to limit their caffeine intake. This is because excessive caffeine plays a critical role in raising your anxiety levels and causing you to experience more panic attacks.

Some common caffeine sources are soda, coffee, chocolate, and energy drinks. Be aware of your partner’s drinking habits and suggest better alternatives.

You can also engage in mindful meditations to eliminate anxious thoughts. These are strategies to use long-term and to ward off anxiety symptoms.

6. Give Them Words of Encouragement

People suffering from an anxiety disorder will often feel depressed and overwhelmed with their life. They might also feel as if they have no control over their mental health.

For these reasons, you need to provide your partner with words of encouragement and compassion. When your partner is having an anxiety attack, your words should be inspirational, soothing, and motivating.

Be sure to use words that alleviate the negative emotions your partner is feeling. Filling your partner with positive feelings helps you to have a better and peaceful relationship.

7. Tell Them It’s Not Their Fault

Your partner might feel it’s their fault for their mental health issue. Self-blame could also worsen their situation.

You need to console your partner and tell them they’re not responsible for their anxiety disorder. Let them know their condition is not easy and you will help them.

Use the Right Tips to Manage Anxiety

These tips can help you to alleviate your partner’s social anxiety and to make them feel better. Using the right techniques to help your partner shows how much you care about them and value your relationship.

Do you need more tips to find love and to build good relationships? You can check out the rest of our trending articles or contact us for more information.


  1. Yolanda

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    Wow, until now I never knew people would actually want to date someone with Social Anxiety. I was married for 33 years and my Ex finally got tired of the way I was. I did get a lot better with a lot of thing I guess just not the things he wanted me to change. So sad.
    Thank you for this.

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