Top Things You Should Look for in a Dating Site for People with Disabilities

sites for the disabled

Getting into the dating scene can be scary no matter who you are. You have to get used to really putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to new experiences. You have to really make yourself vulnerable, and that can be hard.

It can be harder still if you suffer from a disability that might act as an extra hurdle or component to your dating life. Trying to date “in real life” has become nearly impossible for many people, and dating online isn’t much easier. Have you considered online dating sites designed for people with disabilities?

Many online dating sites are full of bots and dead accounts, and the algorithms can be confusing and stressful. Once you get talking to someone, if they’re mean or abusive, moderation isn’t always great. So how do you find a dating site that’s going to be safe for you?

Here are a few things that you can look for when you’re checking out disability-friendly dating sites.

Verified Members

When you join an online dating site, you want to make sure that all of the people that you might be interacting with are real people, not bots or scammers hiding behind stolen pictures and fake names. It also protects you from catfish accounts.

A safe dating site verifies its members to ensure that no one is misled by false information. It might be a bit of an extra step at the sign-up process, but it will lead to a lot more security along the way.

You’ll be able to rest assured that any person you end up chatting with is a real human who is also trying to make genuine connections online, just like you.

Sometimes these verifications can go as far as to include background checks for users that might seem questionable or have been acting inappropriately. Background checks might sound very official, but they can be useful on online dating sites when people might be meeting strangers in person.

Extra safety measures like this show that a company cares about your safety and your ability to foster genuine connection.

Safety and Moderation

A lot of dating sites feel a bit like the wild west sometimes. It feels like anything goes and no one is there to clean up the wreckage or do damage control.

You want a site that has some form of moderation so that you’re able to report questionable profiles or abusive messages. People can be mean sometimes, and dating sites for the disabled could become targets for rude people. Being able to report them before things escalate so a moderator can handle it is crucial.

Essentially, these sites should be free of abuse, free of harassment, and free of any type of bullying. There should be someone around to ensure that people are treating each other with respect and kindness.

A Matching System

Some dating sites are a free-for-all. You can swipe or click on whoever you want, and there’s no real indication for who is going to be compatible with you. How are you supposed to know who to talk to when there are so many people on the internet? It can be overwhelming.

A good dating site is going to be able to help you find people that you’re compatible with. Isn’t that part of the point?

If you’re looking for a dating site for people with disabiltities, it’s possible that there will be optional matching tools that will include your disability. It might be good to find someone who understands your unique struggles for a new friendship or a relationship.

That said, that should never be the only factor that it’s looking for. The site should still see you as the whole and complete person that you are. It should take into account personal interests, perhaps some attraction factors if those matter to you, and physical location if you’d like to meet in real life sooner rather than later.

There are a lot of things that a matching system can help with to help thin out the number of people that you’re seeing on the site. You won’t be compatible with everyone, so a good dating site will help you refine your matches to your specific interests and lifestyle.

A Good Private Messaging System

Any online dating site needs a way to securely private message your new match. It can be unsafe to give out private contact information to strangers, so messaging through an online messenger is a much better choice while you’re still getting to know someone.

It’s even better if there are other options aside from text chatting. Voice chat is a great way to get a little more personal with your partner, but it can also be easier for some people to use.

Video chat is also great to have on a dating site. While there are some pitfalls, it’s a good way to let you know that the person that you’re speaking to is actually who they say that they are. If you’re going to meet up with them, this is a good extra security measure. Also, video chats are fun!

Dating Sites for People with Disabilities Have Similar Needs as Any Other Dating Sites

All dating sites should have a focus on kindness and respect. They should all have strong moderation, and a good way to report abuse or bullying. They should also all help you match with like-minded people who can fit into your unique lifestyle.

Dating sites for the disabled might just see these needs a little more clearly. If you’re ready to join a top dating site, visit our siteΒ and consider joining us. There are forums to help you find a supportive community and plenty of people for you to meet.


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