6 First Date Ideas For People Who Are Blind

For people who are blind, there are so many fun activities and hobbies you can engage in during your everyday life. From many different adaptive sports to video games for people who are blind, the choices are numerous.

But when it comes to first dates, you probably want something that goes beyond the ordinary or commonplace. In fact, you’re likely looking for ideas that can connect you to the other person on a deeper level. This way, you can get to know them better, but also enjoy yourselves at the same time.

And at Special Bridge, we know just what you’re looking for! As the social community for people with disabilities, we’re not just your favorite website; we’re also your resource for dating and friendship. And each of these 6 enjoyable activities today are especially for people who are blind.

1. Take a cooking class together

When you attend a cooking class with an expert, you’re not just learning more about crafting tasty meals. You’re also immersing yourself in a world of interesting aromas and flavors. Still, not only is this an enjoyable activity for people who are blind, you can enjoy the results as your first date!

2. Stroll through a botanical garden

Speaking of wonderful fragrances, many cities have botanical gardens that are truly something else. At them, you can learn a ton of new facts about our natural world. Or you can just take it all in as you talk with one another.

3. Share your favorite musical artists

If you’re into music, you can also share the musical artists you love most with each other. During this first date, you can cozy up together and explore musical genres, albums, or entire movements. This first date idea for people who are blind lets you go beyond small talk to connect even more.

4. Volunteer at your local pet shelter

But one activity that’s sure to bring you closer is lending a helping hand at your local pet shelter. Of course, you’ll want to call ahead and arrange for this activity. This way, you can ensure the organization is ready to provide any accommodations you may feel you need. And your help can be as simple as providing that little bit of extra love to a furry friend!

5. Sample your favorite coffees at a local shop

Still, a coffee shop date is a classic idea that’s perfect for people who are blind. During your trip, you can try out different roasts and even a variety of ways of brewing coffee. But enjoying the buzz of conversation at a local coffee shop can be a rewarding and relaxing experience for many people.

6. Head off to a spa for a massage session

However, if you’re looking to really indulge yourselves on your first date, a spa can be an incredible choice. And for people who are blind, typically, a massage session doesn’t require much planning or accommodation.

Have a first date idea for people who are blind that’s sure to be amazing? Share your idea in the comments!


  1. Daniel

    August 2, 2018 at 6:08 pm


    I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Is this date place for people like me?

    Let me know please.

    Thank you


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