Autism and Dating: 5 Secret Keys to Success

Autism and Dating

Is kindness important to you? Do you want to date someone who is good at encouraging others?

Finding the right partner is achievable, even if going out in public is daunting. With enough practice and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can stay calm and enter the dating scene.

Here are our 5 well-kept secret keys to success with autism and dating. Check it out!

1. Pick A Quiet Place

The best autism dating advice we have is to choose a quiet place to meet your date. Rather than having to filter out all the distractions and sensory overload of a busy, loud community place, why not try a smaller, more intimate (but still public, for safety) location?

You can use this as an opportunity to introduce your date to one of your favorites. Help them get to know you, and go someplace you’re comfortable.

2. You Aren’t Limited to Dating Other Autistic People

Open up your idea of the acceptable date to others who might not meet all your criteria. This includes dating people who aren’t on the autistic spectrum. You never know who might catch your fancy.

Don’t pick someone you don’t have anything in common with. This will make the date awkward and uncomfortable. You’ll both wish for it to be over.

You won’t have to find an excuse to leave early if you date someone you share common interests with.

3. Spend Time Learning Read People

This might mean people watching a few times a week, or intentional going out alone to observe others. Understanding how people interact (especially on dates) can go a long way to help ease your own awkwardness on a date.

It can be hard to tell how someone is feeling or whether they’re interested. By paying attention to the ways that people express those feelings, you’ll learn how to determine an appropriate response. You’ll also know if the relationship is something to pursue.

4. Be Yourself

The person you are is the person you want to find a match for. If there’s no spark with the person you’re dating, don’t change who you are to fit them. Find someone else instead, one you have real chemistry with.

5. Don’t Give Up on Autism and Dating

Dating with autism doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t give up on others or yourself. If you keep trying, chances are that you’ll find someone you enjoy being with.

The more you practice, the easier it will be. You’ll be more comfortable meeting people for the first time, and going on dates won’t be as hard as it was before.

Why not try meeting someone online before meeting them in person? Online dating can be a good way to break the ice before challenging yourself to meet them face-to-face. Remember to follow safety precautions when meeting someone you only know from the internet.

Getting Out There

Remember our top five secrets for dating with autism. Pick a quiet place, and don’t limit yourself to other autistic people. Learn to read others, be yourself, and keep trying.

Autism and dating can feel like a big challenge to overcome. If you need a place where you’ll feel welcomed and supported, join Special Bridge today.


  1. December 27, 2018 at 6:54 am

    i made all these things but still failing i don’t know when i be able to success


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