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I’m so so very sorry that happened to you, and I have a few tips from personal near misses of mine when it comes to scammers. If you fall in love with someone online, First and foremost, don’t send them money. Most of the time in my experience, when you run upon a scammer that’s really their end game is to see if they can get money from you. If they have a need, and it’s a minor one that you want to fill, send them the thing it is they need, but never money. Chances are quite good that if you’re dealing with a scam artist, they’ll suddenly disappear once they figure out you’re not giving them money. Secondly, online dating is great, but there does come a point when meeting is a must. Now some may say, that if both of you have a disability this becomes a challenge, but I’ve yet to see a true love situation in which this wasn’t figured out. TO put it into prospective, Years ago my very first Girlfriend was a c4 quad. She literally had no movement below her neck. Even despite that, she and I saved up the money to rent an accessible hotel suite in a town between our two locations, and met, all of this within about 8 months of beginning to talk online. Furthermore, if she had not been able to travel at all even with the help of support assistance, I would have traveled to meet her. Fortunately my disability is only blindness, so no insurmountable travel barriers there. Last but not least, If you are talking to someone online, and notice a lack of interest in having genuine meaningful conversation outside of the subject of the romantic relationship, I find this to be cause for concern. Usually scammers don’t have anything to share, since they’re only there to either suck money out of the disabled person they are talking too, or else to waste your time…usually they want something in my experience though.
I genuinely hope all of you are fortunate enough to never come in contact with a scammer…they are truly, as someone else stated earlier, pond skum.

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