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OK, this one is an old topic, but I figured I’d drop a reply here all the same, because no matter the length of time, this is an important one. Here’s the thing. When it comes to love and relationships, regardless of disability, there has to be a solid foundation. I can tell you from personal experience, I’m blind, have been all my life, but have had a number of very successful and fulfilling relationships. The very first lovely lady I dated was a c4 quadriplegic. Literally, she was our eyes, I was our physical strength. She and I went everywhere together. I learned to properly care for her, and she learned to help me with all those little things that not having sight causes to be frustrating. She and I spent almost 4 lovely and wonderful years together…and if you are wondering, yes, there was very much intimacy, though it was probably on a much deeper level than some ever get to experience. We did eventually part ways, but the parting had absolutely nothing to do with either of our disabilities. She moved several states away to attend a college, and long distance took it’s toll on us regardless of my willingness to travel. She isn’t the only lady I’ve dated who had disabilities, and yes, I’ve dated “normal” people too though honestly I have decided that most of the time, those who don’t have some sort of disability have a much more difficult time understanding those little things that challenge each of us every single day of our lives. For those of you reading this who have had failed relationships, My advice is don’t give up. For those of you who are reading this and are wondering if you’ll ever find someone who can look past your disability, I say two things. first, why should they look past it, why not embrace it, it’s a small part of what makes you, who you are. Secondly, if they aren’t willing to adapt, as previously stated in this thread by others, they truly aren’t worth your time. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life, and if that means that another wonderful someone is going to walk into my life, I’m absolutely open to it, and hope none of you use disability as a reason to be discouraged. Sending thumbs up signs from the southeastern US.

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