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This is actually quite a good question. SO, I’m not sure where you stand on all the Covid restrictions, but personally, I’ve continued to hold family gatherings even with the lockdown in place. Where I’m located there aren’t strict rules being enforced. No, I wouldn’t gather 50 people at a local restaurant right now, that would very likely get you a visit from the law enforcement folks but, I have done several gatherings at my home. I’ve simply explained that I won’t be enforcing mask protocol since this is private property, and if you have concerns about this you are encouraged to decline the invitation. I’ve made certain that hand sanitizer was readily available, and masks and gloves for those who wished to use them. I’ve also made a point not to invite those who don’t have a little common sense. By this, I mean simply that, if you have been in the presence of someone who is sick with something that could be Covid, please don’t come. Covid and it’s symptoms effect different people differently, and this I very much do know. I myself had the virus early last year, and while it was certainly challenging, I was fortunate enough to not require hospitalization, and was only sick for a little over 3 weeks. I still continued to self-quarantine for an additional 2 weeks after symptoms subsided just to be on the safe side. I don’t have anyone special in my life at the moment but, were this person in existence I’d definitely not stop seeing them just because of the virus. I think there is a very fine line between precaution, and full life disruption. One of our local newscasters said it best once, and I don’t believe anyone has the right answer to this question. This quote paraphrased from the newscast that caught my attention: Which will be the most far-reaching impact of the Corona virus, those who lost their lives to the virus, or those who lost their lives due to the economic shutdown and widespread deconstruction of the nation’s economic system.
I’m not at all saying mind you, that one is right and one is wrong, I’m only pointing out that, there are definite issues on either side of that coin. My heart absolutely goes out to anyone who lost a loved one as a result of this evil horid mutation known as Covid.

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