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Being gay is who I am, I don’t need your acceptance of it, nor find the concept of personal dislike to be an issue to me.

As for being Christian, I do believe in Jesus Christ as being the son of God, but I do not believe in the doctrines or orthodoxy that has been created around the belief. I consider my religious views to be agnostic christian in practice, there is no defined sin for homosexuality, just like there’s no defined sin for those who prefer eating pork versus fish, or women not being covered up in layers of fabric.

Biblical interpretation is very complex business, not many people will give you more than their own interpretation for particular area. For instance, the most common mistake among Christians’ today is that he died once for our sins, then came back once to show his divinity. In actuality, the interpretation is misleading based on modern day evangelical trying to simplify Christian concepts, because if you read the Bible, according to the Book of Luke 23 46, Jesus commits his soul to God with his dying words. This means his soul returns to God, in the Book of John 20 15:17, Jesus had said his soul had not been received by his father, God, despite having committed his soul to God once before on the Cross at the point of death. There’s the problem, if Jesus had died on the cross for our sins and committed his soul to God, why would he then say he had not in the Book of John. References to a 2nd ascension are also in Book of Acts as well.

My point in this example is to show the problem of Christian Interpretation even among the Apostles. We’re human and flawed, our truths may be clouded by our ideals of what Christ should and should not be. Multiple interpretations and expression is needed, what is considered truth for some like Jesus dying on the Cross for our sins even among his most devout followers may not be equally accepted. Just as one person’s interpretation of homosexuality is not absolute representation of what Christian faith actually believes.

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