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    Hello fellow Christians ^_^

    Come here to talk and meet fellow Christians, but there’s something I wanna get out of the way first:

    “Love the person, not the sin”

    This means as a Christian you should not be supporting homosexuality or being a Christian and being gay, for the Bible makes it very clear that it is a sin to be a homosexual, you can’t change my mind, and any pastor trying teach that it is okay ARE WRONG, they are choosing the ways of this world. The ways and morals of this world do not matter to the Christian.

    For any non-Christians reading this, go ahead and hate me, I would rather be hated, for the lord said for anyone that follows him, that the journey would not be easy.

    That’s why I made this forum, for Christians to come and talk to each other, and to make myself very clear when I say this: This world is dead to me. Yes I’m human and will make mistakes for no human is perfect, but that is what repentance is for, repent and changing.



    I agree with it all but
    But I don’t no what to tell this 🌎 is screw up big time it strange to me it’s hard on every one they just don’t see it
    No one perfect only god and Jesus are



    @enzo Indeed, and just because Christians have these views doesn’t mean that we don’t love people, but if the Bible says it’s a sin, then it’s a sin, there is no arguing against what the Bible says.

    Jesus did die for our sins, but does that mean we live freely and live how we want, of course not! We live a life to reflect the love the lord has for everyone, and that is to include rejecting sin, yes we are human and will mess up cause no one is perfect, but if a Christian keeps repenting and trying their best to follow the footsteps of God, they will be okay. Also, even though we follow God, bad stuff will happen. If any Christian you talk to said: “If you believe in God, your life will be great” THEY ARE WRONG, the lord lets bad stuff happen to strengthen us and strengthen our Faith in God, because our Faith is tested during bad times, because even through the Bad and Good times, WE MUST rely on God. I’m not strong, it is only through God’s strength and will I’m able to do anything.

    The most beautiful thing out of all this, is if you are not a Christian and what I said sounds interesting, YOU CAN BECOME ONE, it doesn’t matter what your life has been up to this point. Throw all of your shame and sins down, kneel at the Cross and pray. God loves you.



    I agree with it



    I agree with exactly



    Being gay is who I am, I don’t need your acceptance of it, nor find the concept of personal dislike to be an issue to me.

    As for being Christian, I do believe in Jesus Christ as being the son of God, but I do not believe in the doctrines or orthodoxy that has been created around the belief. I consider my religious views to be agnostic christian in practice, there is no defined sin for homosexuality, just like there’s no defined sin for those who prefer eating pork versus fish, or women not being covered up in layers of fabric.

    Biblical interpretation is very complex business, not many people will give you more than their own interpretation for particular area. For instance, the most common mistake among Christians’ today is that he died once for our sins, then came back once to show his divinity. In actuality, the interpretation is misleading based on modern day evangelical trying to simplify Christian concepts, because if you read the Bible, according to the Book of Luke 23 46, Jesus commits his soul to God with his dying words. This means his soul returns to God, in the Book of John 20 15:17, Jesus had said his soul had not been received by his father, God, despite having committed his soul to God once before on the Cross at the point of death. There’s the problem, if Jesus had died on the cross for our sins and committed his soul to God, why would he then say he had not in the Book of John. References to a 2nd ascension are also in Book of Acts as well.

    My point in this example is to show the problem of Christian Interpretation even among the Apostles. We’re human and flawed, our truths may be clouded by our ideals of what Christ should and should not be. Multiple interpretations and expression is needed, what is considered truth for some like Jesus dying on the Cross for our sins even among his most devout followers may not be equally accepted. Just as one person’s interpretation of homosexuality is not absolute representation of what Christian faith actually believes.

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