Nikki Reed Supports Autism Awareness

There are thousands of celebrities out there that have one cause or another that they give money or time to but very few have a personal connection with the cause that they have chosen to spearhead. Actress Nikki Reed on the other hand has first hand experience with autism, a fairly common learning and social disability, because her brother has it.

Nikki is not only working to raise awareness for the disability in general; but also to make sure that those that choose to learn about it understand that though autism is a relatively blanketed word, there are thousands of types of autism and each person that has it is unique. Nikki fights for her brother, who was diagnosed when he was around two years old. She has been struggling ever since to help people understand that though this is a disability, it does not define the person.

Reed has partnered with Lindt to bring awareness to this disability and to help others understand that autism is wide reaching and varied and that even though someone is diagnosed, it does not mean that it has to hold them back. There are hundreds of levels and types of autism and each comes with its own unique set of problems and issues and Reed wants others to understand that even though these individuals have been diagnosed, they are not to be mocked or outcast because of their disability.

Like many others that have worked to help bring awareness to autism, Reed wants everyone to know and realize that even though autism is a disability, these individuals are just that. They are their own people and they deserve the love and respect that anyone else does. Nikki supports autism awareness not only for her brother, but for all the other people that are living with this disability and that need a bit of support. Nikki, like so many others want people to understand that yes autism is a disability and those with it are disabled and have disabilities, but it does not have to be crippling.

Don’t forget that April is Autism Awareness Month. Learn more about the cause at the Autism Society website.


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