Profile completion, and friend requests, They are both rather important!

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    So I debated whether to post this one in this category, or in general discussion, but since it directly relates to the site I’ll post here. I’ve been a member here for almost a week, and am loving the site, I’ve met a few awesome folks here, and hope to meet more in the future. There are a couple of trends here that I have noticed, and I thought I, as a contributing member, would comment on these a bit.
    For starters, the number of people who overlook the section in the profile where you can tell your story, in other words, put something about yourself that you want other members to see, in your own words. I personally think this is an important piece of the puzzle because, since there’s no messaging until you are friends with someone, literally the interests section and the things written in the, tell my story, section, are all one has to get to know you until a friend request is accepted. I’ve met several very wonderful friends out here already, but truthfully this section does make getting to know you a little easier. Who knows, those reading this very well may have a friend request from me, especially if you’ve got something in that section that caught my attention. Heck, if you don’t, why not send me one…I always love getting friend requests and meeting new folks.
    The second trend I’ve noticed is the accepting of friend requests. I’ve known several people who have been out here, and I have heard from one or two others, plus experienced myself just how often friend requests get overlooked. If you have friend requests waiting, I’d encourage you to do something with said friend request, whether that’s to accept or reject it. Who knows, you may accept a friend request, speak to a person in a few messages then decide that’s not a friendship that will work for you. If that happens, no worries, that’s what the unfriend button is for. If the person manages to continue to be a challenge, there’s also the block button. I personally find though, that more often than not, one can never really have too many friends…so I encourage you all to expand your horizons and let’s build our friends lists!



    Totally agree with u justagoof.



    And you never know who’s going to come into your life and going to change it. Life is better with friends.



    Yes it is



    Hi all, apologies to those who have sent me a Friend request. Unfortunately, I’m not a paid up member yet so can’t answer them.

    I will be taking a paid up membership next week and will accept them then. Hope you’re well and your day is a good one.



    Yes I am doing extremely well

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