5 Tips For A Great Smile

You always want to look your best in photos that you post on online, whether it be on dating sites, Instragam, or Facebook. Smartphones and digital cameras have made selfies and instant photo sharing so easy. Here are some great tips to help you achieve that celebrity style smile.

Smile Tip #1

Smile like you are in a parade. A genuine, gentle smile gives your face a lovely, relaxed look. This smile is also easy to hold for a long time if you are taking multiple photos. It opens your mouth slightly and helps your bottom teeth to match the curve of your upper lip.

You might feel the edges of your upper teeth touch your lower lip and your cheeks may rise a little bit, but that is completely natural. This smile is opposite of the type that you will have when you see an old friend. That smile might make your eyes squint and your neck muscles tense and this can make you look gawky and not at ease in a photo.

Smile Tip #2

Get rid of that double chin look, no diet required. This is all about posture. Slouching or bending your head forward in a picture will give you a double chin. To help curb this, just turn your head slightly and then bend your head forward. This will guarantee that your face is not directly squared off with the camera when you take a photo for the dating sites.

Smile Tip #3

Ladies, you will be all over this one. Lipstick, Lipstick, Lipstick. Choose the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone. Having the right shade will help your teeth to look whiter and brighter. Wearing shades in the rose, wine, berry, or plum family are the best. These shades have a blue or pink based undertone which can minimize the yellow tones in your teeth. Choosing the wrong shade, one that might be too dark or too red, will detract from your smile.

Smile Tip #4

Love the teeth you have. Not everyone has had braces and not everyone has perfect teeth. Look at Tom Cruise for example; his front teeth are completely off center. It is obvious, but few people take notice because of his smile.

When out on a date, do not try to cover up that smile. Display the belief that you have in yourself by showing off your beautiful smile.

Smile Tip #5

Like people always say…practice make perfect. So, go ahead and practice smiling. If that big, first date is coming up then practice in front of a mirror for a while. It will not happen overnight, but the more you practice the more you can see how natural it will feel.

For a photo to post online or on dating sites, you can try different stances and moving your head around to see how you will look.

These little tricks will give you the self-confidence that you will need! This confidence will come out in your photos and to the people you are sharing it with.


  1. Heath Allen Woodruff

    April 2, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    I like the smile.


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